April Fool's 5K Race

A message from Ken Neuzil, NOCC Secretary:

As most of you know, I have taught and coached in the North Olmsted system since 1966 and worked hard over the years to raise money for college scholarships.  Besides contributing my own money, I have helped to organize 5K races. For ten years it was the Classic at Mastick, another ten years of the North Olmsted Homecoming Race, and then for four years the Fat Head’s 5K.  Through these efforts, we have raised thousands of dollars which we award in scholarships to deserving high school seniors heading off to college.

This year, we’re trying a new 5K fund-raiser on April 7th.  The race/walk will start and end at Springvale and we are hoping for a big turnout.  The theme (every race/walk has to have one) is “April Fool’s 5K.”  We have three entities working together to make this happen:  the North Olmsted Community Council, the North Olmsted Kiwanis Club, and the Berea Animal Rescue (ARF).  Basically, this event will produce two separate “pools” of money:  the first will be from the entries and the second will be from the race sponsors.  Hermes Racing Systems does all the promotion, the T-shirts, the awards, and the timing.  For every $30 entry, Hermes is paid about half and those dollars are well deserved.  The remainder will go to the North Olmsted Community Council and be divided with ARF.

The second “pool” of money will come from race sponsors and hopefully this is where you come in.  All sponsorship money will go directly to the North Olmsted Kiwanis Scholarship Fund.  The standard sponsorship donation is $100.  You’re probably asking so what do I get for my hundred bucks?  Besides the satisfaction of helping some local kid get started in college, you get a race T-shirt with your name, along with the other sponsors, on the back!  Wow!  What a deal.  I can see you reaching for your checkbook right now!

If you would like to donate as an individual, great!  If you belong to a group or club and would prefer to donate that way, also great but I suppose you will have to decide who gets the T-shirt.  Either way, the T-shirt is a small token of appreciation.

Through the years of fund-raising for scholarships through 5K races, I have worked with some local businesses which have been rock solid sponsors.  I have attached my initial letter to them, as well as an invoice form and a race/walk entry form.  If you are willing to help out by donating $100, please include the invoice with your preferred T-shirt size.

I hope you consider donating and maybe even participating in the race/walk, then you’d have two T-shirts, right?



Honey Baked Ham Gift Cards

Back by popular demand, the North Olmsted Community Council gift card fundraiser with HoneyBaked Ham. Use the link to purchase the giftcards, and we receive a portion of those sales.

"Personally, I did this last year and ordered my food online. I did not have to wait in the long lines, and actually received more food for the price than what I would have received in the line. (think what they weigh/pay vrs ordering a 1/2 ham for X dollars online).
We appreciate your support in advance.
PS, HoneyBaked Turkey is absolutely amazing."
John Cotofan
NOCC Board Member

Taste of North Olmsted Winners

We have a tie for winner for this year’s “A Taste of North Olmsted.”

Famous Dave’s and Macaroni Grill both received the same number of votes.  Congratulations!

The 2023 Citizen of the Year was announced April 27th, 2023. This year's COTY is David Furin.

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